COVID tests and protective equipment for clinical trials

The pandemic has been a huge challenge and had a severe impact on studies. CROs and sponsors try their best to make studies run on time and comply with all safety regulations. COVID-19 and its variants lower the amount of patients to be visited. That said, COVID tests and protection allow site personnel and study home nurses to be able to visit patients again.

CROs and sponsors are keen to build a supply chain strategy to protect their site personnel and study home nurse kits and are interested in finding an outsourced partner for COVID test and PPE (Personal protection equipment).


Study home nurse COVID-19 tests for clinical trials

Due to the paradigm shift from traditional to decentralized trials, more patients stay at home during studies. Performing a COVID-19 test before visits happen is highly important. Ensuring all sites get COVID-19 tests before visits are done is however a major challenge for sponsors. Nevertheless, Covid infected patients can result in unreliable study results and the unsafety of patients and home nurses, if they are not tested beforehand.

Clinichain helps with the provision of COVID-19 tests to ensure on-time shipment before patient visits will happen. This is key to making sure study results are reliable for different disease areas.


COVID protection supplies for decentralized trials

Besides equipment and home nursing kits, the nurse needs to be protected while visiting the patient. PPE (personal protection equipment) like masks, gloves, aprons, face shields, wipes, disinfectant sanitizers, and gowns are highly important for safety during clinical nursing visits.

Due to the global shortage of these supplies, we saw terrible scenarios in India and Brazil last year. Sourcing these PPE equipment locally is no longer possible as the urge for this equipment rises. Outsourcing requires a dedicated partner with the right global network to support CROs in running their trials on time.

Creating study home nurse protection kits and delivering them promptly is a service Clinichain developed. Clinichain ships from their global warehouses and depots spread over APAC, LATAM, and EMEA. Due to the large partnership network, we can securely deliver Covid-19 tests and personal protection equipment on time across different regions and countries.


Supplies for traditional trial site supplies

Clinical sites and hybrid study approaches continue to be present or are set in motion again. In case of a hybrid trial to perform studies at the sites, both the patient and site personnel need to be protected. CROs prefer to focus on the study itself and often outsource PPE equipment and Covid-19 tests by clinical equipment service companies.

Clinichain has developed personal protection kits tailored to CRO demands for site personal visits at the clinical site or hospitals so clinical trials and home visits can continue. This PPE kit will be spread to sites globally on time so site visits by the CRA can continue at all times.

Protection supplies and COVID-19 test supply strategies are the new normal for CROs’’s and sponsors.

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