How Clinichain helps with clinical eHealth devices for your global study

We provide a rental solution for eHealth devices including configuration, validation and global shipments to achieve quality results for clinical studies.

5 steps to provide suitable eHealth solution:

1Determine the right eHealth device and solution for your clinical study

Based on your study requirements, we source and rent out every type of wearable device you need for your study. We provide tablets and mobile phones to perform your clinical application, including local Wi-Fi hotspots or 4G possibilities on a global scale.

2Configuration and validation of your clinical eHealth device

To simplify the process, we pre-program or offer (system) configuration to make sure the tablet is ready to use at the clinical site for EDC purposes.

3Provide global shipments to site locations

To prevent delays, we ensure your clinical eHealth devices will arrive timely, as we work with third party logistics providers and utilize our equipment network to source and provide locally within challenging countries.

4Maintenance, replacement and project management

To make sure we can replace in timely fashion during a study, we built extra inventory for your specific study to ensure fast replacement service. For your entire study, you will have one single point of contact who will be able to answer all of your clinical equipment related questions.

5Data wipe out and disposal service

Throughout our SOP’s for Good Computing Practices, we will follow your study quality restrictions. Our Inhouse data experts wipe out all data which is left behind after receiving equipment. For this service we can provide you with a certificate with listed equipment and serial number(s).

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