New Clinichain warehouse opens to service more decentralized studies worldwide

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Goal: Learn how our new warehouse facilitates clinical equipment rentals globally

The high increase of COVID studies, decentralized trials and the globalization of clinical trials have been the core drivers of our rapid growth. This expansion led to the opening of our new warehouse in the Netherlands. In this article we will walk you through the main drivers behind our recent success, and how we believe our market is structurally changing towards a new reality.

Facilitates the Equipment Demand for COVID Trials

The global pandemic catalyzed a paradigm shift from various studies towards an increase of COVID trials. This shift let to high demand for clinical equipment, within short lead-team and more pressure on storage supply and distribution
More ad hoc demands come together with a sophisticated distribution strategy, timely preparation and shipping of large bulks of equipment.
Our new warehouse facilitates large COVID and time critical decentralized trial demands globally.

Supplying Decentralized Trials

The COVID pandemic accelerates remote studies which results in an increase of decentralized and hybrid trial equipment. Remote trials make sure patients still have access to studies in a safe compliant matter, when traditional sites can be cut out. Consequently, demands picked up for portable centrifuges, infusion pumps and Electrocardiogram (ECG) equipment for direct to patient or via home nursing networks.
This results in large amount of clinical home nursing equipment to be stored, configurated and provided in short time windows. Also, we saw a strong globalization of the decentralized study markets in upcoming countries like, (e.g. Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Japan and Australia).

Our new warehouse facilitates prepares, collect and distribute clinical supplies and home nursing kits worldwide. The facility has a controlled room temperature, quality processes, following the (GxP /ISO9001) guidelines, to provision, manage, distribute supplies to sites and study home nurse locations. With our dedicated network of logistical and equipment partners, can service decentralized trials within the next day.

Providing Storage for Global Study Equipment Needs

Netherlands is seen as one of the top European hubs for global Cargo and freight forwarding. Our warehouse, based in the Netherlands nearby Amsterdam Airport, provisions clinical equipment within the EU and other world continents like: Asia-pacific, North America, Latin America, Middle East-Africa.

Equipment owned by biotech- and CRO clients can also be stored, configured and distributed from our warehouse. With one of the largest clinical equipment storage space in The Netherlands, we can generate high demands of storage and distribution needs. Our equipment dispatch and logistics Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) will shared with clients. Naturally, we follow the Good Clinical Practice (GxP) requirements inside our facility.

Storage and Distribution for UK partners and Clients

Brexit impacts many studies, and many British companies face challenges in timely delivery of equipment and clinical supplies for EU shipment at customs. Also time investment and high logistic prices force UK companies to find EU hubs for their equipment needs.
Our local EU clinical equipment facility and storage can assist in overcoming these challenges

Covid and Brexit continue to force the market to innovate. Therefore, it has to change your strategy on how to provide and manage medical equipment rental services for clinical studies. Studies continue to change and globalized rapidly and no way this will go back to the old days. Is your company ready for the future? Well, Clinichain is.

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