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Pharma, Biotech and academia are constantly shifting their business models, seeking to access external innovation and enhance the value in medicinal products. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic outdated R&D strategies are now being replaced more quickly by novel, more efficient approaches to global clinical trial conduct. With this article we share the benefit of being an ACROSS Global Alliance partner and how Clinichain fits in this unique model from a global equipment provision perspective.

What is ACROSS Global?

ACROSS Global is an alliance of Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and Specialist Service Providers (SSPs) with its registered office in Singapore. ACROSS Global is an entirely new business model, providing enhanced and innovative global solutions through highly qualified, globally experienced, knowledgeable local experts. ACROSS Global identifies, analyses and mitigates risks across the entire clinical research spectrum, with an agility and focus to the envy of competitors. We provide value added solutions individually tailored for small and mid-size companies.
Our ACROSS Partners cover 96 countries and provide you with access to more than 7,000 study sites and an almost endless number of potential clinical trial subjects. Whatever type or size of your organization the ACROSS Global™ Alliance makes global studies seamless.

How does Clinichain fit into this model?

Across all clinical phases, each study requires a different blend of specialist vendors / suppliers and CRO coverage. The one model fits all is for many studies not a suitable solution. ACROSS Global covers two categories – Alliance Partners (CRO’s) and Qualified Vendors (SSPs). The Alliance Partners are local CRO’s providing clinical operation services across the globe, each with a pre-defined geography without any internal competition.
Each Qualified Vendor (SSP) offers a unique service complementary to each other. Clinichain is an integral part of the ACROSS Global Qualified Vendor list, with its unique services centered around equipment for both decentralized and traditional global studies. As an equipment rental vendor Clinichain engages in clinical trial projects where there is a clear need of devices or equipment arises. If this is not the case, then we don’t bid or we will stay on standby, ready for on demand / unexpected equipment rental needs.

We believe the ACROSS Global Alliance offers a unique model where overheads are kept to the minimum with the result that service fee rates are much more competitive than traditional global CRO offerings. Naturally, the quality and effectiveness of the global approach is comparable but more tailored with local expertise. Clinichain offers a complementary equipment rental service which helps the ACROSS Global Alliance with their global equipment needs for their traditional and decentralized trials.

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